Learn in 6 sessions to balance and develop all aspects of your life (intellect, emotional intelligence, health and spirituality) while living fully every aspect of your life (family, career, relationships, personal development and everything you want).

We offer a program where the individual learn the tools to achieve the overall balance in their lives; achieve their personal and professional goals. There are 6 different coaching sessions, by phone or Skype, where personal and professional goals are establishing and comprehensive analysis of the balance of the leader is done. Session time: 45 minutes.
Linking organizational challenges with personals. ASSESTMENT of the Integral Balance of the Leader. Identify your strengths and areas that need enhancing.
Empowerment and forgiveness, on personal perspective. Here you will experience an increase in your self-confidence to be able to eliminate thoughts, emotions and negative habits that keep you tied to the past and prevent live to your full potential.
Communication (Foster dialogue): approach specific goals. Be sure to be heard by your colleagues and peers. Learn the secrets of dialogue to present your ideas clearly and concisely. 
Opening and teamwork: Persuasion and identification of limiting factors. See yourself as a Conscious and Integral Leader and notice how your thoughts, emotions and actions are reflected in your results.
Conflict Resolution (Flexibility). Introduction: Positive Feedback. Learn to recognize multiple solutions to a tense situation.
Emotional Intelligence. Stiffness and frustration. Exercises recognition and management of negative emotions. Learn to identify your own emotions and adapts your potential according to your mood.

6 sessions are enough to achieve balance in all areas of your life

Imagine the positive impact on your FINANCES, CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS and LIFE in GENERAL. 


In the coaching program, you get Alexandra Navarro’s "How to Balance Your Life".

In each session we propose the leaders tasks and commitments that will bring balance into your process. Reports also deliver them where they can track the evolution of your goals and tasks, and their overall balance.